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What Readers Say About I, Custodian: Fire

Paul, Reader - rated it ***** 'it was amazing'

I, Custodian Fire review from GOODREADS
G L Martin has written an original novel. It is dystopian, but in a post-modern, post-surreal manner, for she has incorporated sub-conscious surreal elements into the dream-like story. The moments in time are fluid as the various charterers from various sub-groups bustle, dream, meander and care for each other in paradoxical ways.
The author’s writing style is incredibly descriptive in places; “Returning her attention to Moriah-Dahlia, a sudden alacrity ensnared Imma’s heart as the cold blue lips on her wax skin fractured. The air drew into frail pieces of oxygen that shivered away from Moriah-Dahlia’s grasp. Imma reached out and took her fingers. If words were colours, Imma saw a silvery, breathless mist speak.”
Then the concrete narrative abstracts into fleeting distant memories from distraught minds, which could be interrupted, like a camera in slow-motion, to sharply focus on an intense detail. This haunting movie-like script takes the reader into tunnels of the underworld, through spacious penthouses high in the city and into languid warehouses. It’s a chaotic dream-world where freedom-fighters take on the controlling powers after the techno controlling world reset.

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