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The scope of GLMC services

Hours and days of shooting; 

Monday - 7am to 10:30am

Tuesday - 4pm to 5:30pm

Wednesday - closed

Thursday - 2pm to 5:30pm

Friday - 3pm to 5:30pm

Weekend - closed


Photographs - 30 days or less

Film - depending on either trailer, promo, or film.


How many photographs or how many hours’ worth of footage provided; See Book Online.

The format of the deliverables: digital, hard copy, a photo album, large prints - costs depending

Edited images; I can provide both black and white and a colour gallery. I provide the best shots all edited, photoshopped blur, dodge, burning, and set with a clean preset. The preset will be discussed prior for your preference. 

Fees and Payment;

What the GLMC fees are; See Book Online

How your fees are calculated. 

FILM - Film costs more as it differs from photographs as there is a filming process at the certain location, sorting, and splicing, edited both audio and visual, unlimited back and forth communication for correct film intentional pathways, and final edits and the exporting process on a large file USB.

Photographs - I travel to you and photograph at the certain location, return to the office to sort, edit, polish and touch-up on photoshop. 

What I use: Canon lenses, camera and equipment. 

Payment terms method by which you can pay by; 

Due date for payment; no later than 10 days after service.


Payment is due either before or 10 days after GLMC has provided the services.


A $100 deposit is required before the service is provided.

GLMC will not provide the final deliverables until you have received full payment. 

Your deposit will not be refunded if you do not turn up to the shoot or over 40mins late, or do not pay for the service.

The rebooking must be no later than 48 hours prior to shoot. Your $100 deposit will be carried through into the rebooked session, so no need pay again.


  • If you lose the photograph/film USB within 30 days, I will retrieve back your USB and re-upload them, however I will not refund nor re-upload your product after the 30-day mark.

  • Services GLMC does not provide baby photography.

  • Events outside reasonable control, we will re-book (e.g. bad weather for outdoor shoots). 

As a service provider, I cannot exclude liability for everything, including the Australian Consumer Law consumer guarantees.

Contact Us


Dicky Beach, 4551


0435 634 683

Website ABN:  

69 757754093

  • Instagram

Opening Hours


6:00 am – 6:00 pm


4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


6:00 am - 6:00 pm

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