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Finding soul purpose via GLM Creations

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art, theater, music and literature circulates me.

I am an Australian Woman, a 98' child, a university literature and theater graduate, currently completing my final secondary school degree.


I will discuss photography... but firstly let me tell you about my novel.
I have been fascinated by literature and the English rules ever since I was a youngin', from following this connection with English grammar skills and rules with respect to their design, by the beginning of university studies (USC, Sippy Downs), a new world beckoned me to follow up the letter-ladder of literature as fine-art. Two years later, I published 
I, Custodian: Fire (2020). I wrote I, Custodian: Fire firstly in 2014 on note pads and in sketchbooks, designing people, character trajectories, and imaginative scenes, soon little passages on Word online began to form, and by 2018, December I have formed many large excerpts for chapters and a great skeleton lay with the promise of manifesting a beautifully designed body and mind! The book itself was created in early 2020, however after several curious reads and hefty underlines I had to professionally perfect the piece of literature to perform a profound prelude into the realm of Ard, of the great family, and of Moriah-Dahlia, and so the adventure begins.

I shoot many different subjects and have worked in night settings, at concerts, in neon blues and reds, portrait style outdoor and indoor, under street lights and under ring lights for neat headshots, I have designed sets and shot maternity sessions, and have worked as the family photographer for many, many years! I am currently working with a terrific theater company in the Gympie region... and my true love lies in photographing for the community and supporting the local businesses, local artists, and start-ups, and student! 

My favourite lens is my telephoto 200mm to shoot with - exceptional images! Oh, and Canon takes the cake.

I am a Sunshine Coast-based photographer who travels to you for your convenience at no extra cost if in the Sunshine Coast region. 

I work in with you, the client, to create the desired headshot, representing you and the product you create, even if that product is yourself at work, such as a landscaper or a cleaner or tutor. I will photograph you in the process, at work, along with headshots in a professional setting, designed perfectly to represent you and your company's values and passion. 

My commitment to quality products, exceptional turn arounds, and incomparable customer care keeps the community coming back again and again, and I am forever grateful.

All photos in this GLMC website are taken by me, including all headshots of myself. 

Photography? Ah, that deadly adventure began when I was very young! So young, that the Canon was basically the first element of interest. I remember shooting family films back in the early 2000s. I remember being in awe of my brother's photography; I would follow him around, curious as to what he was doing to create such incredibly artistic shots! My mum, dad, and older sister are also photographers, highly talented artists... it's no wonder I fell in a passion pursuit to capture the beauty, wonder, and strangeness of life.

I love supporting small-time businesses, local artists, local business owners, and helping them to present their best side to the world is what I am so excited to participate in. 

Thank you for your precious time, many blessings for considering my services, you are in capable hands, and I hope the best for your future learning as you enhance your skills!

Grace L M

Website ABN:  69757754093

My Process: More photography Info

Check out my novel, with its a series of illustrations from the incredible wizard EMM


My Passion Project

I, Custodian: Fire (2020)

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